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IT Services

IT services
software developments

We earn the right to partner your success.

Reach the Talent

We treat one client at one time, because our belief is that two clients are never same. They have their own specific need for a particular set of environment and we must provide them with the best-suited talent. We believe in realistic approach and avoid the impossible since sometimes it is better not t o fulfill a requirement than to do it incorrectly. All of our consultants have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science; most of them have master's degree in computer science. Each of our consultants has received training on complete software development life cycle including software usability, security, development and software design. They possess multiple technical skills, including experience in at least three programming languages, multiple operating systems and various databases. Most importantly they are trained to think out of box.

We have extensive experience in providing solutions in the following area:

  • Enterprise Integration
  • Software Development and Integration
  • Network Administration
  • Internet and Intranet based solutions
  • Data warehousing Solutions
  • Database Administration
  • Java / C++ programming
  • Microsoft Suite including .net
  • System Architecture
  • Project Management